The Kite app itself is completely free to use. There’s no setup cost, and no monthly subscription fee. 

We charge you a fixed wholesale rate for each product you sell, plus any applicable shipping fees. The amount you ultimately sell the product for is completely up to you, so you effectively set your own commission.

How much money will I be charged?

Wholesale + shipping (+ tax if you are in the EU)

You can find out how much we charge for each individual product on our product pages, and in the Product Generator itself.

Since we ship direct to your customer on your behalf, you will also be invoiced for shipping. Read more on shipping charges.

If you're in the UK or Europe, we are legally required to collect 20% VAT on the wholesale + shipping cost of the product.

How is my commission paid?

Actually it's the other way around! You take the full payment through Shopify; we charge your credit card separately for our services.

Kite will bill you for any outstanding money owed every time you reach your billing cap, or every 30 days, whichever comes first. The billing cap starts at £10/€11/$12, rising to £40/€45/$50 after several successful payments. 

If you start making a lot of sales, you can increase the cap.

You can view your paid statements by visiting Settings > Billing > Payment History in the Kite app.

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