From September 14th, new payment industry regulations, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), will affect the way any online service provider can take payments. 

It requires digital retailers to allow banks to challenge charges with 2FA authentication, e.g. you may need to receive a code by text from your bank to complete a purchase. If services like Kite do not provide the ability to carry out that extra check, our payment gateway may block the payment. 

You will be affected if you:  (1) get regularly billed by Kite with a payment card you've registered with us, (2) use our iOS SDK, (3) use our Android SDK. 

As always, please contact for any additional information. 

Partners getting billed from a payment card

Anyone getting billed currently, including any API, Shopify, or BigCommerce users, may need to go through an extra authentication step in the future. If an automated payment is blocked, you will receive an email from Kite asking you to follow an extra verification step provided by your bank.

iOS SDK Users

A new version of the iOS SDK (v8.1.0) is now available. You can find it here. Updating should be a breeze, and everything should continue to work seamlessly. Failing to update could mean failed payments and your users being blocked from checking out. 

Android SDK Users

We are no longer officially supporting development on Android, so we have therefore not updated this SDK in line with SCA requirements. Thus, our Android journey will simply stop working from September 14th. You may consider following the steps below to implement the necessary changes yourself; otherwise, the only alternative will be to remove the Kite store from Android apps. 

Android Workaround

Payment related Android Activities (CreditCard & PayPal) reside here.

In the past we used the Stripe REST API directly rather than directly integrating their SDK. This route is no longer and option, and Stripe's SDK has to be used to provide the credit card capture experience now. 

You will need to replace the existing Kite credit card payment experience with the Stripe Android SDK to take payments.

The Stripe SDK will need to make use of 3 new Kite endpoints at various points in the checkout flow, namely /create_ephemeral_key, /create_stripe_customer and /create_stripe_payment_intent. These endpoints currently aren’t publicly documented so please contact for technical support.

The result of a successful Stripe checkout with payment card will be a payment id representing the proof of payment that is then passed to the Kite /print endpoint. The Android SDK implements that here.

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