In order to offer the very best service, we need constantly to evaluate our product range. If there are products that are hugely unpopular or for which we can no longer guarantee a superb level of service, we will retire them and send them to live on a farm upstate. 

These are some such product deprecations to watch out for from January 3rd, 2019

  • Magnet frames
  • Mini square prints
  • Kids sublimation shirt
  • Zip hoodies (adult and kids)

What does this mean for Shopify / BigCommerce merchants? 

These products will no longer be available for publication to your storefront from January 3rd, 2019. Already published products will remain in your storefront and will be supported for another two weeks thereafter, at which point, we will no longer be able to process orders. You will need to disable these products to avoid selling items that we cannot fulfil. 

We will be in touch with merchants individually to offer help. In some cases, we will be able to migrate your existing products across to SKUs that we do support. 

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