The Holiday season is a very busy time of year for you our partners as well as our supply network (ie. the print-on-demand print companies and carrier companies) that we rely on to fulfil the orders that get routed through Kite. 

It's somewhat of a perfect storm as the increased order volume can mean it takes the print company longer to process, print and ship the product and longer for the carrier to deliver the item to your customer's door. 

Whilst not possible that orders are guaranteed to arrive by December 21st if you communicate the following recommended final order date guidelines to your end customers - they will stand a much better chance of getting their items in time to be wrapped and under the tree by the 21st / 22nd December. This is good for your customers and especially for you (and us) as it will reduce any complaints & returns.

Last order date for Christmas 2018 orders:

Apparel, Photo-books, Phone Cases:
UK/USA domestic: 10th December
International: 5th December

Wall Art, Cushions, Magnets:
UK/USA domestic: 12th December
International: 10th December

Invitations, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Posters:
UK/USA domestic: 16th December
International: 10th December

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