Congratulations on installing the Kite app! Consider yourself officially in with the cool kids.

Here’s how to get your merch collection up and running in 10 easy steps:

1. Upload an image (or multiple images). 

The Kite app accepts JPEG, PNG, or TIF files. 

2. Click on a collection thumbnail to add products. 

3. Click on a product

4. Edit the product

Use editing tools to scale and adjust the artwork, decide which variants you want to offer (colours, sizes, etc), and even add a back image if you want.

5. Decide on pricing

Change the markup percentage to set the final retail price of the product (for more advice on pricing, check out: ). Use the Destination dropdown to check the cost of shipping.

6. Finalise details 

Like the product description, and switch variants on and off (if you like).  

7. Remember to confirm changes before returning to your collection. 

8. Edit and enable as many (or as few) products as you like.

9. Give your collection a name (if you haven’t already), and hit Publish!


10. One more thing! 

Before you start selling products, you’ll need to add your credit card information in the app Settings. This is so we can bill you for the manufacturing and shipping costs of your orders. 

Happy selling!

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