It is possible to place an order for your own products without purchasing them from your BigCommerce storefront. 

This can be useful if you haven’t finished setting up your shipping rules or other settings for your storefront yet, or if you simply want to place an order for a sample and only pay wholesale costs. Just follow these instructions:

  • Exit the Kite App and go to BigCommerce > Orders > Add.
  • You’ll need to add yourself as a new customer (assuming you’re sending these samples to yourself). You’ll have to create a customer password for yourself to do this.
  • Then, add product(s) you want to order. Note you’ll need to have already designed and published these products in the Kite app. 
  • Be sure to select ‘manual payment’ under finalise and then submit the order to Kite!
  • Sit back and relax - your samples will be with you shortly.
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