Information for merchants

Wholesale orders

All print-on-demand orders are firm sale. Kite can only refund or exchange if there is an obvious quality issue or error in the order, as outlined in our Terms of Use.

We can’t refund or replace items if the end-customer has just changed their mind, or ordered the wrong size or colour. 

We aren’t trying to be harsh - we can’t accept returns because once a product has been customised there is no way for us to sell it on. Ordinary store-bought products can only be returned because they can be resold to other customers. 

Distance selling regulations

Custom-made products are exempt from UK distance selling rules regarding ‘cooling-off’ periods. This is because once your artwork has been printed onto a product, it is classified as a bespoke item. 

For a more detailed explanation, please see this article from the Citizen's Advice Bureau: Changing your mind about something you’ve bought

Handling end-customer returns

Processing returns from end-customers

If you decide to accept end-customer returns or exchanges, you’ll need to take into account:

  • Logistics of storing and reselling returned stock
  • Potential costs - Kite is unable to compensate you for end-customer returns and exchanges. You’ll also be responsible for paying the extra manufacturing and shipping costs for any size or colour exchanges.

Kite is unable offer assistance with warehousing or physical inventory management at this time. 

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