Step 1: Processing the order

Orders will be processed by Kite almost instantly, as long as your payment details are correct and any existing Kite accounts have been linked.

Step 2: Printing the order

The standard dispatch time for most of our products is 2-4 working days (check Product information to be sure). 

Step 3: Delivering the order

In some locations, delivery is super quick - others, it’ll take a little longer. The actual delivery time will depend on where the product is being manufactured and shipped to. For the most accurate delivery times, check Product information.

Here’s a typical end-to-end fulfilment timeline for a T-shirt:

Day 0: Customer places order.
Order information is sent to Kite & checked against your billing details. Payment is usually taken at this point. 

Day 1 - 6: Order is printed and dispatched by courier or local postal routes

Day 3 - 9: Expected delivery time for UK orders

Day 7 - 14: Expected delivery time for EU & US orders

Day 14 - 28: Expected delivery time for Rest of World orders.

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