You take full payment from the end-customer at the point of sale. Kite bills you separately for the fulfilment costs of the order.

Adding a payment method

You'll need to add a valid credit or debit card to the Kite app for Shopify before we can fulfil your orders. 

You will be billed for the fulfilment costs of each order in advance.
We tried the honour system and ended up getting burnt

If you receive an order prior to adding a credit card, the order will remain on hold until your payment details have been updated.

Changing your billing threshold

If you are a high-volume user, we are happy to change your billing threshold to reduce the number of times you are being billed.
See here: Can I raise the billing threshold on my account?

Viewing your billing history

You can update your card information, check your account balance, and view your complete payment history at any time by going to Settings in the Kite app and clicking on the Billing section.

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