You keep everything above the manufacturing and shipping costs

1 - Manufacturing costs
Kite charges a fixed wholesale rate per product, details of which can be found under 'Prices & Edit' in the app product generator, and on our website in the Product Catalogue. The price includes one printed embellishment (both sides for sublimation products). For some products, an extra print can be included at additional cost. 

2 - Shipping costs
You also need to cover the cost of shipping the product to the customer. We've simplified shipping pricing into regions (for most products, these are UK, USA, Europe, and Rest of World) to make it easier to predict how much you're going to be charged.
Again, you'll find these under Prices & Edit, an in our Product Catalogue. 

3 - Taxes (EU only)
If you're in the EU, we also have to collect VAT on your orders (See: Why am I being charged VAT on my orders? for more information).

How to calculate your profit

Since you decide on the retail price of you products, you effectively set your own profit margins. 

For example: If you set a retail price of $20 on a T-shirt that costs $9.90 to make and $4.87 to ship, you’d earn $5.23 on each sale*. Raise the retail price to $25 and you’d earn $10.23 on each sale**.

*$20 - $9.90 - $4.87 = $5.23.
**$25 - $9.90 - $4.87 = $10.23.

Receiving payment

You take full payment from the customer at the point of sale. Kite will invoice you separately for fulfilment costs of the order. 

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