Why use Kite?

Kite provides a simple and low-risk solution to help you make money from your artwork. So whether you've always dreamed of designing your own t-shirts, or simply have a cool gift idea you think people will love, Kite makes it easy for you to set up and start selling online.

Using our app, you can preview your designs on apparel, homeware, prints and other items and link up to a fully-functioning production line within minutes. The best part is, we won't charge you a penny until you start making sales.

How do I start designing my products?

  • After you have downloaded our free app in Shopify or BigCommerce and set up your account, you can start uploading your designs, and preview them on our range of products
  • When you're happy with the result, you simply click Publish and the product or collection will appear in your Shopify store, ready for visitors to view and purchase. 
  • If you need more help getting set up, check out our how-to guide!

What happens when someone buys one of my designs?

  • When one of your customers purchases an item you designed with Kite, the order is automatically channelled into our system. 
  • Our printing partners pick up your order, and set to work printing your design according to your and your customer's specifications.
  • The item is then packed and posted directly to the customer - so you can sit back and relax!
  • We charge your credit card separately for the manufacture and delivery costs.

What's the catch?

There is none! We like to keep things simple, which is why we charge you a clear, fixed fee for each item you sell. Everything on top of that goes straight into your pocket, and you have complete control over the retail price. 

Other advantages include:

  • We don't put our name anywhere on the listing, mock-up image, or the product itself, so you get to take credit for the entire process.
  • We don't claim any rights to your designs, and you are free to use the mock-up images for marketing purposes. 
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