We are happy to refund or replace an order if there is a quality issue (as per our terms of service), or if an item is lost in the mail.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns for any other reason. This is because our products are custom-made, print-on-demand items. 

Because of the way our apps work, there is an infinite number of designs that could be produced. As such, it would be impossible to sort, store and resell unwanted returns on behalf of all our partners.

If you would like to accept a return from one of your customers, you are welcome to arrange this independently. However, you would need to accept financial responsibility for any refunds and for placing additional orders. We generally wouldn't recommend this approach as there is currently no integrated system for you to resell items.

We are unfortunately not able to replace orders lost in the mail due to an incorrect address being supplied. So please check order details carefully!

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