When creating a Kite product, you need to factor in the cost of shipping that we will charge you on top of our wholesale price. It’s up to you to recoup the cost of shipping from your customers.

You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Increase the mark up the product. By increasing your profit margin you can absorb the extra shipping costs, and continue offering your customers ‘free shipping’. Customers love free shipping.
  2. Set up Shipping zones in your Shopify account to add shipping rates to your products. We have created shipping zone recommendations which can be found within the Kite app under Settings > Shipping.
    Keep in mind these are only meant to be guidelines, and will not work for everyone, especially if you are using multiple drop-shippers. You need to weigh up what works best for you and your customers.
  3. Upgrade to a Shopify Advanced plan (inclusive of ‘real-time carrier shipping), and install an app that allows for greater flexibility than Shopify’s standard offering. Apps such as Better Shipping allow you to set individual shipping rates for every product in your store.

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