How much money will I earn from each sale?

It’s actually up to you. 

Kite charges you a fixed wholesale rate per product, plus shipping costs (and taxes if you are in the European Union). Everything above that is your profit.

So, if you set a retail price of $20 on a T-shirt that costs $9.90 to make and $4.87 to ship, you’d earn $5.23 on each sale*. Raise the retail price to $25 and you’d earn $10.23 on each sale**.

*$20 - $9.90 - $4.87 = $5.23.

**$25 - $9.90 - $4.87 = $10.23.

How payments are split:

You take full payment from your customers through Shopify. Kite bills your credit card separately for the order fulfilment costs. 

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